Saturday, September 5, 2015

Lego Land

If you were to open the door to my bedroom you would feel a waft of cold air, hear the quiet hum of the fan, and feel a gentle breeze. If you looked to the left you would see a old beaten up dresser with had lots a scratches on it and covered with all sorts of things including but not limited to, Lego’s rocks, and toys. To the right you would see a dark brown desk that had a corkboard the corkboard would have neatly hung papers on it. Some of the papers would be drawings and school papers. You would find that the top of the desk was just as well organized as the corkboard. Behind you and to the right you will see a big sliding mirror that opens up to a closet with cloths laying everywhere big bins of Lego’s and a  “organizer” with more Lego’s in it. In front of you would be a bed on the floor with blue sheets, a blue and green quilt, and a blue and white striped blanket. To the right and in front of you, you would see a bed-frame with no bed in. and in front of you there would be a shelf with lots of Lego sets.
I think my room shows 3 of my personalities. The first being organization because my desk is very organized and each of my Lego sets are in very specific place in my room. The second personality I think my room shows about me is my crazy personality because my closet and my dresser both have things strewn in and around them. The last personality I think my room shows about me is my love for traveling because I have lots of trinkets and souvenirs from around the country. That’s my room.

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