Monday, March 2, 2015

Giver Movie is the Bomb!

Book or movie?
In this essay, I will be telling you why the Giver movie is better than the book using these three reasons: (1) the movie has more action, (2) the movie is more suspenseful, and (3) there is more romance. At the end of this essay, I hope you will want to watch the movie.
The movie is better because it has more action. This makes it better because it is more interesting to watch and it draws you in more quickly than the book. Another reason it is better than the book is because there is more conflict. Conflict makes movies more exciting. Also, conflict allows there to be more freedom of action. Unlike the book, the movie is not a slow moving storyline. Also with action there is more betrayal, which makes the movie suspenseful. You might be thinking, action and a fast moving story are a lot different from the book and they changed the movie too much. However, I personally feel that books can be slower moving, but still be good. On the other hand, movies can’t be as long as books so they can't have as big an exposition.
Suspense makes movies better because you are always wondering what is going to happen next and it leaves you with another question when your first question was answered.
Finally, I think that romance makes the movie better because in the community people get injections to keep feelings hidden. But if there is romance then that means those two people are breaking the rules and skipping their injections.
So I hope you now agree with me that the Giver movie is better than the Giver book because of the movie having more action, suspense and lastly romance. Now you know why I like the movie. Which do you like better?

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