Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Beautiful Blue

Beautiful Blue 

The color I will be writing about is blue. The three things this color represents in my life are: (1) the ocean, (2) my gym's gymnastics colors, and (3) the color of my science notebook.
Blue represents the oceans because oceans are blue. Oceans are a big part of my life because humans know so little about oceans. Also, I think there are lots of species and mysteries hidden in the ocean. This is important to me because I want to become a biologist when I grow up and get a job and I think it would be interesting to learn about new species. The ocean is also a big part of my life because my family goes to the beach a lot during the summer so I get to see lots of cool fish.
Like the ocean, my gym’s gymnastics color is blue. This is a big part of my life because gymnastics is my favorite sport. Another thing why it is a big part of my life is I am dedicated to it. “How do I know this?” you ask. Well I practice 14 hours a week so that’s how dedicated I am. However, gymnastics also teaches me life lessons. For instance, gymnastics teaches me dedication and hard work lead to success.
Unlike the ocean, blue does not directly represent the third topic I will be writing about. Blue represents my science notebook and my science notebook represents science. Science is important to me because it is my favorite subject. Science is my favorite subject because you get to experiment. Also, I think it is really fun to learn about animals so one day I hope to become a biologist and learn about all different kinds of species. Another reason I like science is because you get to learn by doing. I like this because in other classes you usually just sit and write.

Ending of Beautiful blue essay. So now you know what blue represents in my life. It represents oceans and gymnastics and science. This is what blue represents to me. Can you think of anything else it means to you or another color that represents a lot in you life? I’ll leave you to think about that.

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